Local teens shine on national stage

PRIDE of Newaygo County team members posted some impressive achievements at the 31st annual PRIDE conference last week.

S.P. of Fremont (upper left) won first place in the Public Speaking Challenge and M.J. of White Cloud (upper center) placed third in the Poetry Challenge. The PRIDE National Performance Team featured the talents of singer S.B. (upper right) of Newaygo, actors B.S. of Fremont and R.H. of Hesperia, and dancers E.S. and Z.R. (bottom center), both of Fremont. The Michigan-Indiana State Performance Team featured Newaygo County’s L.G., S.P., M.J., E.D., J.T., K.W., M.M., J.F. and A.W.

The local team also claimed third prize for a public service announcement and placed third in the team Dance Challenge.

The teen substance abuse prevention volunteers of PRIDE of Newaygo County kicked-up their heels to “That’s What I Like About You” in one of the team’s spotlighted performances at the 31st annual PRIDE Conference, which drew more than 2,000 mostly young participants to Cincinnati last week.

PRIDE Youth Programs conference planner Patti Wheater said that she and other staff people are pleased with how well the conference went and are grateful for the support of many Newaygo County people who volunteered to help make the event successful. She added that PRIDE of Newaygo County represented their community in impressive fashion.